Where the light gets in

"Fear's good for you, darling", says a dying elderly lady to Lorna. "Shows you where the edges of yourself are".

"I don't want to see my edges, thanks" Lorna says. "Why not? They might not be where you think they are" the lady replies. Inheriting a George Medal awarded to the lady during the secon world war Lorna decides to be brave and feel her edges. She takes over a  gallery in the town she grew up in. She returns to face ghosts of the past and dreams not yet realised. In doing so she befriends another old lady, a famous artist not painting anymore. And then her world begins to change. The light gets in and fear gets out. But not easily.

A beautiful story about friendship between women and the strength we get from being together, supporting each other. And a love story on top of it. A perfect read!


Review by: Tove Alkstrand Wednesday, February 27, 2019