The Stone Circle

DCI Nelson and Dr Ruth Galloway recieve anonymous letters that resembles the ones they got in their first case together. But the author of those letters is dead.

This is book number eleven featuring Nelson and Ruth. It's one of my favourite crime series so if you haven't read them, please do, but start with the first novel "The Crossing Places".

This book is linked to the first novel and to really understand everything you should have read it first. During an archaeological digging on the Saltmarsh two sets of bones of two different children are found. One of them is identified as that of Margeret Lacey, a twelve-year-old who went missing thirty years ago. The police reopen the cold case and a lot of angry and hurt feelings start to brew. With them come both murder and abduction. This novel works at all levels and I highly recommend it.



Review by: Tove Alkstrand Tuesday, May 28, 2019