The overnight kidnapper

A new inspector Montalbano mystery set on the beautiful but poor island of Sicily.

Many Montalbano mystery books have been filmed and if you have viewed them on the TV you have no problem visualizing the environment in which this mystery takes place. Here you can enjoy the italian way of life, so very different from ours. Inspector Montalbano thinks he's getting old and frequeantly doubts his ability to solve this mystery. Two women are kidnapped, anesthetized, but left untouched and unharmed. Nothing has been stolen. Then a third woman is kidnapped but this time she has been tortured. At the same time a man and a woman disappeares, and the man's shop is burnt down. Montalbano is trying to find the truth with the help of his colleagues, Fazio, Mimi and Catarella. And all those italian meals lovingly described. To Montalbano eating is very imortant. I, too, would like to eat my lunch at Enzo's trattoria. Well, wether it's the food or not, Montalbano solves the mystery eventually, and it's a treat to read about his endeavours while doing it.




Review by: Tove Alkstrand Friday, October 4, 2019