The Long Way Home

Chief Inspector Armand gamache has retired to the village of Three Pines to heal. But Clara needs his help to find her husband Peter.

This is # 10 in the series with Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.
If you have heard all the praise for Louise Penny's books and are thinking of reading this I recommend you to start with Still Life, the first installment in the series.

Together with his former second-in-command, Jean-Guy Beavoir and Myrna Landers, they journey deeper and deeper into Quebec.
And deeper and deeper into the soul of Peter Morrow. A man so desperate to  recapture his fame as an artist.
The journey takes them further and further from Three Pines to the very mouth of the great St. Lawrence river. To an area so desolate, so damned, the first mariners called it The Land God gave to Cain.

Highly recommended!




Review by: Anne-Lie Månsson Friday, September 12, 2014