The Libraries of Borås are open for quick errands

The libraries offer limited service to contribute to reducing the spread of Covid-19 infection in society. Please come well prepared for your errands.

Restrictions at the Libraries of Borås (Effective 2021-02-08)

Libraries are currently no meeting places. However, you can visit us for a short time for quick errands. The following general restrictions apply to the libraries:

  • Maximum of 15 minutes visiting time per day
  • Maximum of 15 minutes of computer time per day
  • Maximum of 6 visitors at a time at the local public libraries
  • Maximum of 20 visitors at a time at the City Public Library
  • No seating
  • No newspapers
  • No libraries offer extended opening hours

Please note that the libraries at Hässlehuset and Norrbyhuset remain closed until further notice. Please see information on their respective webpage.

What can you do at the libraries of Borås?

You may visit the public libraries of Borås to:

  • Borrow books and other media.
  • Return your loans.
  • Pick up reservations.
  • Use the libraries' computers for quick errands (maximum 15 minutes per day). The library staff can however not help you with any of your errands.
  • Copy, scan and print out documents. 

Don't want to enter the libraries?

We offer takeaways if you call us when you're standing just outside your library. We also offer to print, copy or scan your documents. tid. If you belong in one of the risk groups for the Coronavirus and cannot travel safely to your local library without using public transportations, you may apply for the service to have library items delivered to your home address.

How can you prepare your visit to the libraries?

To make your visit as smooth and fast as possible, we urge you to prepare your errand:

  • Reserve what you want to borrow in advance. Reservations can be made either on our website or by phone. Once you are notified that your reservation is ready for pickup, then come to the library. If you pick up your reservations yourself, make sure to bring your reservation number, library card / ID card and know your PIN code.
  • Keep in mind that your time is limited if, for example, you use our computers. Therefore, keep track of what you want to print, what login information you have and where to find your files. Staff can not help with your errands on our computers or your personal electronic devices.

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Changes to our library rules

As of 1 February, borrowed items that are overdue will be charged. 
There are still no limitation for renewing non-reserved items. However, free renewals do not apply to inter library loans.
As of 8 february, there will be a limit for concurrent loans for patrons. The new limit is set to 100 checked out items at the same time.  

Service/opening hours for the Libaries of Borås


Feel free to use our digital services which you can access from home!

Digital Magazines and Newspapers



Film Streaming Service

Music Streaming Service

In My Loans you can easily renew your loans.

Take Away-Loans

Would you like to borrow books without having to set foot inside the library building? In that case you can reserve your books for take away!

More information about takeaway-loans

Home delivery for people in risk groups for the Corona virus

Do you belong in one of the risk groups for the Coronavirus and cannot travel to your local library without using public transportations? If that is the case,  you can have library items delivered to your home address.

More information about home deliveries

Printing and Copying Service

From 2020-11-30, the Libraries of Borås offer a printing and copying service.

More details about these services can be found here

Information channels

Keep yourself updated via the libraries' website.

Current information concerning the development of Covid-19 is available at the website of Borås Stad