The lantern men: a Dr Ruth Galloway mystery

A thriller filled with suspense and really interesting characters. The Ruth Galloway series is one of my favourites and the last book doesn't disappoint.

Ruth Galloway has started a new life with a great new job at a university in Cambridge. She is no longer North Norfolk Police's resident forensic archaeologist. But that changes when a convicted murderer, Ivor March, offers DCI Nelson a deal. If Ruth does the digging he will show them where more bodies of his murdered victims lay. Ruth is both curious and wary but since she's really missed being part of a police team she agrees. The bodies are buried near a village bordering the trecherous fens, an area said to be haunted by the Lantern Men luring women to their death. Is Ivor march a Lantern Man? And what about his group of strange friends who believe him to be innocent? And what does he want with Ruth? And most importantly are the killings really over?



Review by: Tove Alkstrand Wednesday, June 10, 2020