The house on Vesper Sands

A mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

This is like a mix between Conan Doyle and Dickens, but with a large portion of humour added. A good read.

In the winter of 1893 Gideon Bliss comes to London to meet his uncle. The snow is falling and the uncle is nowhere to be found. Hungry and cold with no money Gideon seeks shelter in a Soho church. Lying before the altar close to death he finds his one-time love Angie Tatton. She is murmuring about brightness and the Spiriters. The same night in the falling snow a seamstress jumps from a ledge high above Mayfair, a mysterious message stitched into her skin. And the snow is also falling on her employer, Lord Strythe, when he vanishes from London, watched by Ocatavia Hillingdon, a society columnist who longs to write a story of real importance.

Octavia and Gideon (helped by inspector Cutter) both try to save Angie and eventually their paths cross at the house on Vesper Sands.