The driftwood girls

Can we really know anything about people at all? Why do people meet and become friends? How easy is deceit? Two missing women. Two decades apart.

Kate and Flora Tolmie have always lived with a mystery: what happened to their mother, Christina? 23 years ago, she vanished without a trace from coastal northern France, leaving her young daughters orphaned and alone.But now Flora is also missing. Cal McGill is a sea detective, an expert on the winds and tides, finding lost things and lost people, often dead. Kate wants him to find her sister, Flora. But then Kate is charged with murder. Cal McGill is her only hope and he sets out to to find Flora and her mother. But somehow it seams he is involved too. But how?

A really good page turner with many twists and turns to keep you intrigued to the end.


Review by: Tove Alkstrand Friday, February 28, 2020