The stranger diaries

"If you'll permit me" said the Stranger, "I'd like to tell you a story". This is a murder mystery bringing to life a writer's gothic tale.

Clare Cassidy is a secondary school teacher. She is also writing a biography about RM Holland, the writer of a famous gothic short story - The Stranger. One evening she gets the disturbing news that her best friend and colleague has been found murdered, a handwritten line from the Stranger by her side. Single mother that she is she spills her heart out in her diaries. Until one evening when she founds a line written by somebody else in her diary. It says " Hallo Clare. You don't know me". The police says it's the same handwriting as on the note found on the murder scene. And then there is another murder also linked to Clare, her diaries and RM Hollands gothic story. The police isn't sure whether Clare is a witness or a suspect and Clares life is suddenly filled with horror. Read this clever and original murder mystery, you won't be disappointed. Especially if you also are partial to creepy Victorian ghost storys.



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