Norwegian by Night

The last adventure of a man still trying to come to terms with the tragedies and ghosts of his past.

Sheldon Horowitz is a New York Jew, a man who has repaired watches all his life but can’t quite keep time any longer. He’s in his eighties and his memory is . . .  inventive. He has reluctantly gone to live with his granddaughter and her Norwegian husband in Oslo. The stories he tells about his experiences don’t seem to match and his granddaughter thinks it’s a symptom of dementia. One afternoon, after his granddaughter and her husband have left the house, Sheldon hears  a commotion in the apartment upstairs. This is not unusual; the Balkan immigrants living upstairs have had their arguments before, but this time it’s different – more violent, more ominous. When he hears the woman come down the stairs, Sheldon opens the door and sees she has a child clinging to her. He motions them inside. When the man starts to break down the door, the woman pushes the boy toward him and he hides with him in a closet as the violence continues.So he takes it upon himself to protect the child,  setting off on a journey while the police and his granddaughter try to figure out what’s going on.




Review by: Anne-Lie Månsson Wednesday, May 21, 2014