Let me lie

Anna's parents both died, her mother seven months after her father. Suicide according to the police. Anna thinks they were murdered. Is any one of them right?

Anna is in shock when her father commits suicide by jumping off a cliff. She hadn't seen any signs of unhappiness or depression. Seven months later her mother copy her husbands suicide and Anna is left behind on her own. Despite the verdict of suicide Anna has doubts. And when, on the anniversary of her mother's death, she gets an anonymous note saying: Suicide? Think again, she goes to the police and ask them to reopen the case. By doing so she starts events that can put her end her newborn daughter's future in danger. It seems both the police and Anna is wrong... This is a very clever psychological thriller with so many twists and turns, the last one on the very last page.



Review by: Tove Alkstrand Monday, November 26, 2018