Would you like to listen to an audiobook without having to switch CDs every hour? We offer thousands of titles, mostly in Swedish but some in other languages as well.

What is an e-audiobook?

An e-audiobook, short for electronic audiobook, can be listened to on a computer, tablet or smartphone via an app or a web browser.

What do you need to borrow e-audiobooks?

All e-audiobooks are primarily played back in an app called Biblio, alternatively from our website via the web browser of your choice. Unlike e-books, which are small files that you download to your device, e-audiobooks are generally streamed. This means that you need to be connected to the internet while listening. However, if you prefer to listen to e-audiobooks with Biblio there is the possibility to download titles to your device to listen in an offline mode – perfect for the air flight or on the beach, places where internet connections might be insufficient.

You are eligible to borrow 2 e-media / 7 days (i.e. 2 e-audiobooks or 2 e-books or 1 of each). The loans self-terminate after 28 days. If you haven’t finished your book in 28 days you can simply borrow it again by searching for it. It’s not possible to return borrowed books in advance.

Please do the following steps to get started:

1. Acquire a library card and PIN-code.
To borrow e-books you will need a library card with an accompanying 4-digit PIN-code. Just bring a photo ID with you to one of the public libraries in Borås and apply for one.

2a. Download the Biblio App on your device – if you wish to use a smartphone or tablet.
The Biblio app is versatile and can be used to both listen to e-audiobooks and read e-books. Download the app Biblio from either App Store (iOS 10.3, iPhone 5s or later required) or Google Play (Android 5.0 or later required). When you open Biblio you need to log in using your library card information. Once entered you’re ready to go! You can search by freetext or by genre.

2b. Search for, and borrow, e-audiobooks directly from this website’s catalog – if you wish to use a computer.
If you prefer to use a computer (PC/Mac) you simply log in to our website using your library card information and start searching for e-audiobooks. Once you find an e-audiobook you borrow it, after which a playback session can be opened in a browser window. When you want to continue listening (after a break) to an e-audiobook, simply log in again, go to My Loans and find the title in the section for borrowed electronic titles and click play again. The playback will pick up from where you left it.

We highly recommend you to consult the step-by-step guides on this page to get started. Please note that there are different guides depending on which device you’re using.

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Step-by-step guides

Here are some step-by-step guides to start reading e-books.

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